The Kiwi


TU Delft: PO3 Fuzzy Front End


Nov. 2009 - Feb. 2010


Astrid Bontenbal
Pieter van der Boog
Robert van den Born
Robert Paauwe


Kitchen Integrated Waste Intelligence, is a single kitchen integrated solution for managing five different types of waste (paper, glass, plastic, organic and rest). The system includes a digital feedback system to show the user the effect of their recycling behaviour.

The brief was to look for a completely new product application outside the current market of Bosal Tobo, a company active in the automotive industry producing for example exhausts and tow-bars (company contact was fictive). The VIP (Vision in Product Design) Method was a core element of the project.
Renders were made in Solidworks Photoview 360 .

The Kiwi has different bins for the various waste streams common in household kitchens. Each of the bins is weighed to keep track of waste disposal patterns and provide encouraging feedback for proper waste management on the built in display.

Plastic waste often contains high volumes of air, causing the need for frequent emptying of the bin. Therefore the plastic bin is equipped with a shredder to make the volume of the plastic waste more compact.

Biodegradable waste contains a large amount of water, causing it to rot and smell when left in the bin too long. A way to slow this process down is by using the compressor to press the water out of the waste and into the connected drain pipe.

Each bin can easily be removed by lifting them out of the opened drawer.