TU Delft Elective: Formstudy, Metropolis


Sep. 2013 - Feb. 2014


Robert van den Born


For this course students were briefed to "design and build a night- and daystand, based on the apparent contrast of day and night, out of respectively waste materials and paper". The course subject was inspired by the film Metropolis (1972). A group of 7 students had to each individually create their own design following a hands-on building approach, resulting in a 2 week exhibition at the faculty.


The Nightstand is based on the idea that nighttime is no longer a time of resting, but a period of activity and vibrancy. This is portrayed in the nightstand in a dynamic flowing shape and the coloured light playfully projected on the wall. The resulting design is mostly inspired by the properties and behaviour of the foam material.


The Daystand draws inspiration from the same routines city life goes through every single day. The day is for many a period of greyness and mindless activity. Static, compared to the dynamic night. The design was made in Rhino using a custom Grasshopper script to cut the shape into pieces. These pieces were then exported as drawings for laser cutting (due to constraints, they were manually cut instead) out of pressed cardboard, and assembled without any additional components.