HEMA Design Competition


Out of the Fox




"Out of the Fox"

Robert van den Born
Roy Crielaard
Roald Piera
Bas van Velzen
Jos Wulms


As part of a team at Out of the Fox Design & Innovation I took part in the HEMA Design Competition 2014. This years theme: “Cooking and dining; design a real HEMA product that makes cooking and dining easier and more attractive. A special product of exceptional design that solves a problem you often encounter in the kitchen of during meals.” Four product concepts were designed and prototyped for entry in the competition.
My personal role within the projects was the design and visualisation of the products. Most of the models and renders were done in Cinema4D using the Physical render engine.


Simple kitchenware to combine two commonly used functions. Let the water run out of the colander, push it down and the silicone rubber flips up to seal the holes and turns it into a bowl ready to receive sauce and served on the table.


Removing boiling water from a pan full of pasta or rice can often be a tricky task, dealing with unwieldy pan lids and food falling out. Just placing this nifty little 'device' on the edge of the pan will prevent the lid from falling off and moving around, making this tricky task so much less annoying. 


Beginning, and even experienced, home chefs could run into the risk of cutting themselves while chopping the ingredients to the right size. This tiny little shield will keep your fingers safe and inherently teaches you the right position for your fingers.


Even the most gifted mathematicians might face the problem of having to divide a cake at a party into 10 or 12 pieces. This simple piece of paper that you put under the cake tells you exactly what cuts to make to get perfectly equal shares.