Exo-L Packaging


Exo Ligament B.V.


Dec. 2012 - Jan. 2013


Robert van den Born


During an internship at Exo Ligament B.V. I was responsible for designing a unique product packaging for the Exo-L and the visual design of the user manual. The box features a neatly integrated pedestal system to secure the Exo-L inside the box during shipping, without hindering the visual presentation.
My goal was to create a packaging that is relatively quick to assemble, with a limited amount of adhesive, with a unique design that shows of the product inside.

Exo-L is a 3D printed ankle protector to prevent strains and injuries. Every Exo-L is modelled around a 3D scan of a person's ankle, therefore every Exo-L is unique in shape and size.

The packaging had to meet the following criteria:
- Fit every Exo-L, and offer protection during shipping
- Easy assembly, preferably without any glue
- Modern and fresh graphic design

The box contains a folded structure in both the lid and a separate stand which keep the Exo-L positioned. The manual lies on the bottom of the box and the travel pouch is folded up and tucked away into the stand.